He Will Let Me Know


“I felt, rather than heard, a promise spoken directly into my heart: ‘Anna, by the time you next finish reading the Bible, you will have met the man that you will marry.’ ‘Lord, please don’t let me miss him. Make sure I know it’s him when I see him, okay?’”

Anna Thayer

I had the privilege of reading an article, “Of Pens, Poets, and Promises” in the July issue of Book Fun Magazine by Anna Thayer.  She was talking about how God whispered a promise in her heart that she would eventually get married, fulfilling a deep desire of hers.  I think it resonated with me because when I was single, I too cried out to God for years, asking Him to please fulfill that longing in my heart. I also related to her response after God spoke, “Lord, please don’t let me miss him…” She went on to say in the article that when she saw his picture, over a year after the above conversation, she just knew in her heart that he was the one.  I had to smile because, while God had never promised me I would get married, it was less than a month after meeting Bill that I knew in my heart I was done dating…God had fulfilled my request. I had complete peace Bill was the man I would spend the rest of my life with.

One thing I’ve learned about God in the past few years is that He never changes.  If He was willing to do something in the past, He’s still willing to do it now.  So, why then, sixteen years later, was I praying the same prayer to God again, “Lord, please don’t let me miss it…” this time not referring to the man I was to marry but to the job He was directing me too.


For those of you who have been following my blog, you are well aware that God has had me on an exciting adventure that started to reach the climax in August of 2013, but in actuality began years earlier.  In February 2015, I had lost my job and earnestly began seeking what God had as the next chapter in my life.   So many friends talked with excitement about what He was going to do, while I was just afraid that I would make a mistake or walk in the wrong direction and constantly found myself pleading with Him, “Lord, please don’t let me miss it…”

Now that I’m on the other side of the journey, and I believe that I’m in the job God guided me to, I realize once again that when I walk in obedience to my Father, I will know that I know when I’m where He wants me.

I hope that the next time I’m faced with another journey in life (and I know it’s only a matter of time) I will remember.  God gave me my wonderful husband and a job that fulfills the gifts and talents that He created me with, so He is more than willing and actually wants to guide me to the right path for that particular journey as well.

I’m so glad I read “Of Pens, Poets, and Promises” in Book Fun Magazine this summer.  It not only took me down memory lane of when I fell head over heels in love with my husband but reminded me that God always guides us to that place of peace in our lives…if we will let Him.

© Cheri Swalwell 2015

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