Inconvenience Doesn’t Automatically Mean Detour

“God’s calling on your life is rarely convenient. If things aren’t going ‘your way’ as you follow Him, it’s still the right way to go.”

Pastor Scott Rodgers


Do you ever wonder if you’re fulfilling God’s plan for your life or if you missed the mark because life just seems hard?  I think I’ve had this misconception for several years but God is showing me what is really happening instead.  Throughout a three-year timeframe, God transitioned me slowly from a career in medical transcription into administrative assistant, encouragement and organizational manager, editing, content writing and promotions.  Many different positions within two separate companies which line up so nicely with my gifts and talents.


Just because someone loves what they do and knows they are in the position that God called them to doesn’t mean life is free from stress.  Sometimes, when placed in the position that God calls us to, we find the path rough and ourselves more inconvenienced because the enemy isn’t happy that we are fulfilling the purpose God intended for our lives.

I think God allows inconvenience and obstacles and challenges in our lives for a variety of reasons, the main one being relationship.  Bad days cause us to stick close to His side, asking for His wisdom, and consulting Him before making decisions. Imperfections keep us humble and moldable, ready to be used by our Father when He has a part for us in His ultimate purpose of introducing others to a relationship with Him.

I have tried to change my attitude regarding obstacles that arise in my life.  While thanking God for my new normal, whatever that looks like each new day, I try and remember that this is where He placed me.  When (or if) the time comes that He wants me to move on, I can rest assured He will make that very clear.  Until then, it’s my purpose to carry out His plan to the best of my ability using His strength.  As I spoke about in a previous post, I need to always write my agenda in pencil because when God changes the direction for my day, it will always be to bless someone else and that ultimately blesses me too.

I don’t think I would want to live a stress free life.  I have a feeling that could get boring quickly.  I’d rather live a life that is sometimes inconveniencing in the confidence that I’m where God wants me – not looking for the detour but keeping my eyes fixed on His plan.

© Cheri Swalwell 2016

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