Everything in My Life is His – Part II

“Stand firm, and you will win life.” Luke 21:19 (NIV)


Last time we were together, I shared how God reminded me that everything in my life is His and I’m just the manager.  I need that reminder, especially as my kids get older and get their own assignments from God.  I realize I can’t always be right there with them, and that’s okay.  God is their Father as much as He is mine and He’s a much better protector than I ever will be.

That led me to the next reminder that God gave me – if He gives them a mission, then He will equip them for the mission, and most importantly, it’s not my mission.  God may give each of us our own part in the same mission, but it’s my job to stay close to God and make sure I’m only doing what He called me to do, and not taking on other’s responsibilities, the opportunities He’s inviting others to fulfill.

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One of my regular prayers for my kids is this:  That they will develop strong roots in their relationship with their Heavenly Father before leaving our home so that when temptations and trials and problems arise, they will have the tools they need to grow and mature and have victory.

That can be a scary prayer to pray, because essentially part of what I’m saying is this: “God, please allow my children the chance to grow and mature in You,” and most of us know that one of the ways a person grows and matures is through mastery.  I don’t know of any child who has learned to walk without obtaining multiple bruises.  While the bruises aren’t life threatening, they are a part of the learning process of balance, depth perception and coordination.

If I carry my child everywhere because I don’t want them to get hurt, they’ll never learn to walk.  Their leg muscles will eventually atrophy and they’ll never be able to hold up their body weight.  If I fight my children’s or friends’ battles for them, never allowing them to stretch their faith muscles or dig deep in prayer or perseverance or whatever the mission calls for, then I’m allowing an atrophy in their spiritual life, something I’d never want to do.

God gave parents the blessing of raising children through age 18 for many purposes.  However, it’s our duty as parents to allow our children the opportunity to grow in their relationship with God as He invites them into missions of their own or joint missions with us.

Come back next time as I share three more truths that God showed me through what began as a very difficult weekend but turned out to be a great victory.

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