The Human Effect – Part II

“Listen to advice and accept discipline, and at the end you will be counted among the wise.” Proverbs 19:20 (NIV)


I spoke last time about the importance of having wiggle room in our schedules instead of scheduling things so tightly that we can barely breathe, let alone factor in the human effect that just naturally occurs in life.

There will be seasons in our lives where we are busier than usual, times when God specifically asks us to do more for reasons we may not realize until later, and during those times it’s necessary to obey and ask Him for the strength we need to survive and thrive during those times.  But those times, while they probably feel as though they last forever while you’re in them, shouldn’t be the norm.

Another aspect to this I want to talk about is that if we are overscheduled all the time to the point of stress that is affecting our spiritual life, our health, our earthly relationships – then maybe we are taking on too much and need to ask God to help us reevaluate our schedule for more than just our benefit.

There are many great “yeses” to agree to do.  If I could, I would somehow clone myself and work a variety of jobs:  I would want to be a stay at home wife/mom so that I could give my best to my family all the time, instead of the leftovers during those times when I’m depleted.  I would also be a 911 operator because I applied for that job in college and due to my schedule, they wouldn’t accept me.  I think it would be rewarding to help save lives on a daily basis.  I would also like to be a waitress, a cashier, artist, cake decorator and in full time ministry.

However, this year I’ve been looking at my schedule, really looking at my schedule.  And it holds or has held some really fun and good “yeses.”  However, in order to factor in the human effect, I’ve had to reevaluate what are the best yesses for me and my family and what ones I need to let go of.  God has already identified some things on my schedule where once the commitment is fulfilled, I won’t be re-signing up.  They aren’t the best “yes” for my family at this time.  Or, they were a great “yes” while I participated, but next year God has another “yes” waiting for me instead.

When I let God plan my schedule (and listening to and submitting to my husband’s wisdom on this topic is part of giving God my schedule), then that frees me up for the human effect that will naturally occur… but it also does something else.  It allows me to step into the positions that God has planned for my life and frees up the areas I was keeping the best person God wanted to fill that position.

When I let God choose my agenda, He will natural factor in the human effect for everyone involved, allowing us to make a difference without being overwhelmed.  My getting out of the way frees up the position for that person who is also listening to God and just waiting for Him to show them their best yes with a position that is now available.

When God is in control, He lets everyone win as long as we step back and let Him lead.

© Cheri Swalwell 2017

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