I Love Being a Wife and Mother

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” I Peter 4:10 (NIV)


I spoke earlier about living with intention and how God has blessed that choice in my life.  One way I have been blessed is rediscovering the joy in how God created me to be a wife and mother.  From as long as I can remember, my desire has always been to embrace that role. A housewife who wanted to raise our own animals, plant a big garden and have so many children that some were always in school while one always rested on my hip.

This year, by allowing God a chance to weed out the areas of my life that aren’t my best “yes,” He’s freed me up to be more of what He created me to be and that fills me with peace and joy.  This has given me time to do more of what I love to do – be a wife and mother.  For me, that includes being available to have lunch with my husband sometimes when he’s available because my schedule has wiggle room in it now instead of being so tightly crammed with “deadlines” I don’t even have time for dinner with the family.  It also means tackling chores around the house so that when he comes home, he walks into a house that speaks relaxation instead of chaos.  It’s about being available to tackle other jobs alongside him instead of him always having to do them alone because I’m overworked and exhausted.

It also includes impromptu trips to the beach on a Monday afternoon, stopping at the local convenience store for “fun drinks” before heading to the grocery store with all three kids or creating a schedule that gets my work done by the time my kids walk in the door off the bus and then choosing to focus on listening to them share about their day because that’s my privilege as their mom.  It’s about driving them to school occasionally – not because the bus can’t but because they need that extra 30 minutes some mornings to get things done around the house or an extra 10 minutes at school to talk to teachers before the first bell.  It’s more about letting them know they are a priority than about the actual drive.  It’s about carving out enough time in my day to sit and watch a favorite program on TV as a family while we can and also being available to teach them life skills instead of throwing chores at them and expecting them to know what to do without any instructions.

It’s about being intentional in the gifts that God has given me, and one of my gifts is being a wife and mother.  It’s a privilege and a joy for me to serve my family while I help prepare them to sprout their wings and possibly choose to serve others also.

Not every woman was born with the desire of motherhood and/or marriage.  However, every woman was born with gifts and talents that complement their unique personality.   Embrace the gifts God has given to you in whatever way He has given them.  The important thing is not what your gifts are, but that you are using them intentionally to help further God’s kingdom and give Him glory.  For me, I love embracing my role as wife and mother.  What brings you the most joy?

© Cheri Swalwell 2017

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