Extended family is a blessing …

Our family of five is so blessed to have the extended family that we do. We have the privilege of living close to both sets of parents, and at one time we lived close to our sisters and their families as well.


Even though miles separate us with some of our family now, we make an effort to connect on a regular basis – between weekly phone calls or regular visits.


Some of my favorite memories are family dinners, leisurely afternoons at the lake, sitting and putting puzzles together, or just catching up.

We have been blessed with trips to visit those who are out of state to enjoy some quality, unrushed time together and time to celebrate special occasions all together.


Our kids have the privilege of growing up with both sets of grandparents involved in their lives. During my childhood, my grandparents lived miles away and I only got to see them once, maybe twice a year. I love that our kids get to spend time knowing not just one set, but both sets of grandparents and sharing life with them on a regular basis.


What are some special memories you have with your extended family? Are there special traditions you participate in every year, special food one relative is especially known for, or something else even more special?


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