Victory: What does it really look like?

God gave me two words for 2019: Victory (which I’ll talk about today) and Delight, which I’ll talk about another time.

When I got the word “victory,” I was thrilled! Finally, I thought, I will be done working so hard and ready to step into the “victory” that God is blessing me with. Victory felt like a long-awaited reward after so many long, hard years of faithfully obeying what I thought God wanted me to do.


Well, it’s now six months into the year and I’m learning an important lesson. Victory doesn’t come without winning more battles than losing. Victory takes discipline, focus, self control, and obedience.


Victory is not easy … but I’m realizing it’s worth it. As I drove home today, I began speaking victory over two areas in my life: thoughts and food.


I know what to do when negative thoughts come into my mind. I’ve fought this battle many times and know how to win.

I also know what to do regarding healthy eating and taking care of my body.


Both require discipline, self control, and obedience.


And I decided this week I want victory more than I want to keep playing games.


May I taste the victory over these two strongholds in my life before 2019 is complete.


Are there any areas in your life that you need to declare victory over? Leave a comment and I will be happy to pray with you about how God wants to deliver you from your strongholds.


I would love prayer, too, to continually make choices that take me one step closer to living in the victory God promises for His children.


© Cheri Swalwell 2019

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  1. I am praying with you and know God will help you achieve victory and am believing that victory will happen in 2019. I also need victory on finding a way to lose weight and for healing and peace in my family.

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