Starting the new year …

Do you have any goals (not New Year’s Resolutions) as you begin 2020?

I have a few traditions I like to participate in at the different “firsts” that naturally occur in our household: the first day back to school in January, the first day (week) of summer break, and the first day of a new school year.

I ask God a few questions and wait for His answer. Sometimes we talk about these things before the previous year is over; sometimes we talk about them the whole month of January – sometimes we start talking during the previous year and continue the conversation throughout January.

I like to ask God the following:

  • Do You have a specific word for the year You want me to have?
  • Do You want me to fast, for a specific period of time, and what am I giving up?
  • What projects do You want me to work on this year?
  • What Bible reading plan do You want me to participate in this year?


This year I want to add a few more questions to the list:


  • What goals do You want me to work on personally?
  • Do You have any family goals for us this year?
  • Do You have any topics You want me to learn more about and practice?

What about you? Do you have any questions you want to ask God about for the upcoming year?

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