“Be the person the person you want to be with wants to be with.” Andy Stanley

I was listening to the radio a few months back and heard the above saying. There is a lot of truth packed in between the quotation marks. It got me thinking …


How often when we’re dating do we spend tons of time wondering, considering, and analyzing the person we’re interested in?


While it’s important to go into any relationship with eyes wide open and not sugarcoating another’s actions, I think it’s important to work on your own values/morals before you enter into the world of dating so that you’re attracting the type of people you want to spend the rest of your life with.


For those of us who are married, we’re not off the hook either. While I’ll never again be who I was almost 23 years ago when my husband first met me, am I still making an effort to “be the person the person I want to be with wants to be with?”

Is growing in Christ still my top priority? Do I regularly take time to fill up with God before pouring out to my family? Am I compassionate? Slow to anger and quick to forgive? Do I encourage and build up or do I focus more on what needs to be done and forget who I’m doing it for? Do I take care of myself physically so I’m ready to have fun and share activities together with the person I pledged to love “’til death do us part?” Do I bring life and peace into our home or do I deplete it the moment I walk through the door?


I think there is a lot of truth packed into that one sentence: “be the person the person you want to be with wants to be with.”


What does the sentence above speak to you?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020


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