Learning my new name …

I’ve been speaking about my prayer life lately and how I’ve changed my approach to my Heavenly Father. Another area I’m working on being more consistent about this year is how I speak about myself.


God has been nudging me to be more kind and gentle with the words I use in my inner dialogue as well as speaking out loud over myself. Our pastor had a sermon in January which further reinforced ways that will help me succeed in this area I’m working to reset in my life.


The best way to overcome negative speech is to read God’s Word, the Bible and declare what God says about us over our lives. For instance, instead of calling myself stupid for making a mistake, I can remind myself I’m a new creation (II Corinthians 5:17) and learning from my mistakes. If I’m dealing with financial issues, I can remind myself Jesus is Jehovah Jireh, our Provider, and will take care of our needs.


During the sermon in January, I had a conversation with God about a particular area in my life I was struggling with. I told Him I trusted Him and instead of worrying and trying to fix things myself, I would sit back and let Him take over.

It wasn’t two hours later when God literally showed me the answer for my dilemma on a billboard! Yes, on a billboard! I talked to my husband about it, we took the necessary steps and this month we took the first step to fixing a mistake I made the year before … learning from it instead of staying stuck in the “I’m a failure mindset” I was starting to believe.


Living from a mindset of trusting God, thanking Him ahead of time for His answers, and then sitting back and waiting to see how He’s going to fix things I’m worried about in life is a great way to live. He wants to be in charge, He wants us to surrender control to Him and He wants to bless us when we obey and live according to His Word.


I’m still practicing speaking life over myself but giving myself grace is coming easier and the word stupid or failure when referring to myself is being spoken less often.


Do you struggle with speaking life over yourself and your circumstances or have you mastered trusting God for all things and extending grace?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020



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  1. Love the Spoken From The Heart and I’m sure your other books good too. Look forward to reading and reviewing paperback versions of your book.
    Happy Memorial Day

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