Spoken from the Heart: Living a Life of Obedience

Both Spoken from the Heart: Walking in Freedom and Spoken from the Heart: Living a Life of Obedience were published in April 2017. As I shared about in the last email, the lessons God taught me for both of these books took place in 2016 when He used that downtime to heal me of many fears I had lived with for years.

Spoken from the Heart: Living a Life of Obedience was significant because it was a lesson God taught about the value of obedience to Him.

Obedience means doing it God’s way.

Obedience means asking for God’s will instead of my way.

Obedience means following God’s directions exactly. An example of this would be if God asks me to serve two Sundays a month at church, then obedience is serving two Sundays a month. If I choose to serve one Sunday a month, I’m disobeying. If I choose to serve every Sunday, then I’m choosing disobedience. Obedience is staying within the boundaries God gives, because He gives the boundaries for a reason.

One of my favorite lessons that I learned and share in this book is how important praise and worship is, both when choosing to obey but also in our relationship with God. I share what God taught me about this on Days 18 & 19.

The picture that we used for the cover of this book was given to us by another close friend. Again, she posted this picture on Facebook and it spoke to me, so I reached out and asked if I could use it “someday for some book” and this was the book God said needed this beautiful picture.

Every time I see this picture I see the contrast between the beautiful sky and the harshness of winter. Obedience is kind of like that. Sometimes it’s hard to obey, those times when our fleshly desires get in the way and we just want to quit. However, there is beauty in every single act of obedience and if we focus on the beauty, it get easier and easier.

Maybe obedience is something you want to learn more about. Maybe you, like me, struggle with complete obedience, doing it God’s way and not letting your own desires get in the way. Maybe this book will offer you encouragement as you ask God what areas of your life He wants you to surrender full control to Him to help you walk in complete freedom.

Do you struggle with obedience in any area of your life? If so, what is holding you back from asking God to give you complete freedom in this area? Please share by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you.

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