Spoken from the Heart: The Importance of Relationships

Spoken from the Heart: The Importance of Relationships was published in February 2018. In 2013, God invited me to go deeper in my relationship with Him. As a result, I have learned what it means to trust Him in all areas of my life.


In addition, God had taken the last three years to show me the blessings of friendship with people who share the same biblical values and beliefs.


He gave me the gift of close female friendships, how it feels to belong in a community, allowed me to watch the joy of friendship between my children and their friends, and reminded me of the blessing of being married to a man who loves God first, his wife second, and then his children, extended family and friends.

God also took the time to show me the blessing of extended family and taking the time to make memories that will last a lifetime.


The cover for this book is another one of my favorites. The picture was taken during the birthday party of our youngest. While he was enjoying the value of friendship with two of his buddies, I saw this picture opportunity and took it. I can’t think of this picture without thinking of the fun Sunday afternoon we spent as a family and with friends.


Maybe you already have close friendships and feel like you belong in your community, your church, or your work setting. If not, and you want to be encouraged in this area, I hope this book will offer that support to you.


I hope throughout the past few months you have started to feel like you belong here … because you do!


What is one thing you enjoy about friendship? Please share with us by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you.


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