Spoken from the Heart: Choosing Grace

I specifically chose to talk about this book last. Spoken from the Heart: Choosing Grace is the book readers tell me over and over again is their favorite.


Remembering the year this book was written has both happy and hard memories for me. This was the year my sister told me she was moving across the country. Except for the four years she was in college (and even then she was only 3 hours away), we had always lived in the same town, neighboring towns, or in the same house.


I lived with her from birth until her freshman year in college, then moved in with her when I transferred to her town as a junior in college, and then moved with her across state lines when she got a job transfer.


She is the one who introduced me to my now husband and best friend. She is the one who helped me pick out our first amazing dog. (I wanted to get an 11-year-old dog that was heartworm positive) but she convinced me the 6-month-old puppy who was super calm and had a huge personality was the better choice. We had our beloved Max for 12 years and he truly was an amazing choice.


God had given me a word of the year for 2013 … and the word was grace. Little did I know in three short months the invitation would be extended to me whether or not I would choose grace in letting my sister go by being happy for her and her family or making the short time we had left miserable with a bad attitude. I share about that in this book along with other perspectives on grace God taught me throughout the year.


We published this book in March, right before Easter and to me, this picture is a great reminder of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. This picture was taken in our favorite retreat city, the one I speak of often, and was during a trip we took there with my husband’s extended family. This picture was also taken right before we found out we were pregnant with the baby we are still waiting to meet. I love this picture and all it represents.


Would you like to learn more about grace? Is there a different perspective about grace, maybe that you would like to discover? Maybe you’ve already read this book by now. If so, I hope you were encouraged by the words God gave me to share with you.


I hope you have enjoyed these last few months, learning a little about the “story behind the stories.” I know I’ve been encouraged remembering the various ways God has answered prayers, healed areas of my life that needed His personal touch and been reminded of the many blessings He loves to lavish on His children.


As I love to say, God doesn’t play favorites. I hope that as I have spent time telling you about ways God has shown up in our lives, you are reminded of ways He has shown up in your own, the blessings He’s given you, and the lessons you have learned. I would love to hear your stories too!

What does grace mean to you? Please share with us by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you. 



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