Transplanting can be a good thing.

Years ago my mother-in-law bought me a rhododendron. We planted it next to our deck, thinking that was the perfect spot for it to thrive.

Each year it grew bigger, and budded out, but the buds never produced flowers.

This past spring my husband renovated our deck and in the process, we made the decision to transplant the rhododendron from the shade of the deck to the full sun of another part of the yard. Not having the greenest of thumbs, we weren’t sure if we were too late transplanting, if it would die from being transplanted, or if it would like it’s new spot any better than its old home.

We were pleasantly surprised when it budded out yet again…and this time, the flowers bloomed. It looks like the full sun of the new spot was exactly what the plant needed.

God used that plant with its beautiful flowers to remind me not to fear change in my own life. I have to admit, I’ve not always been one to embrace change, and at the beginning of 2020, I felt as though God was telling me this would be a transition year for our family. I went into it bracing myself, not expecting the worst, but not necessarily excited either.

Our rhododendron is a great reminder that some transitions/transplant can be positive, and even healthy, for us.

2020 is half over … I decided instead of fearing change, I’m going to try and be excited about what God is doing in our lives. Maybe by the end of the year, the budding God has been working in me will be in full bloom, just like our rhododendron. That is exciting to think about.


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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