Journey Back Home Release Day!

The Coopers LOVE ice cream. What better way to celebrate a new book than with ice cream and seven days of giveaways! Every day for seven days, I’ll introduce you to a different family member and their favorite ice cream.  

Today, I’d like you to meet the head of the household: Jace Cooper. He’s been a youth pastor for 12 years. Playing with kids for a living is the perfect job for this guy because sometimes Simone wonders if she is raising four kids, or five! Jace is always ready for foosball marathons, sleeping in, and ice cream runs. With his fun-loving personality and ever present laugh, Jace’s favorite ice cream is chocolate marshmallow because he’s always ready for some fun!

His antics and lack of responsibility makes life more difficult at times for Simone. He thinks one flash of his sexy smile and all is forgiven … or is it?

Click here for your chance to win a copy of Journey Back Home, gift ONE in the 7 days of giveaways!

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Here’s a preview of the fun for the rest of the week. Guess what??? There’s going to be a different giveaway EVERY DAY! Come back every day to enter again!

November 18 – Learn more about Simone, Jace’s wife

November 19 – Learn more about Noah, the oldest Cooper child

November 20 – Learn more about Chloe, the Cooper’s spunky girl

November 21 – Learn more about Logan, otherwise known as the Loganator

November 22 – Learn more about the baby of the family, sweet Olivia

November 23 –  Learn more about Holly and why she’s invited to the ice cream runs

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    1. Chocolate chip is a favorite in our house too … saw a commercial yesterday for a peppermint chip milkshake. I might have to try that this holiday season (it was at Chick-Fil-A) 🙂 Thanks for entering Debra!

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