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  1. Good morning Cheri! This Christmas was the strangest I’ve had, I suppose that’s common this year. I was blessed to be able to be with my Daddy and give him something though! After the time he has spent in the hospital I am so thrilled to have him back home. He was very happy to get a yearly devotional book by Dr. Jeremiah. He is still not able to read much himself but my sister stays with him during the day (hired help for the night shift) and she told me she will read it to him when he can’t. When he opened it he smiled-a very genuine smile. Under normal circumstances that would not be so unusual but after the last couple of months a simple smile was amazing! After the smile he stopped and frowned saying I don’t know if I can read it, so many days I haven’t been able to focus. I was so grateful my sister told him right away that she will read to/with him every day. That smile returned!!! Worth everything to me!

  2. My Dad moved into an apartment after my step mom died. He has a wide area between the floor and door where air comes in as well as noise in the hall. I was able to find a draft dodger in the form of a cat. He really loves it. He told his neighbor that he was given a cat for Christmas. I also found a tv tray that can be adjusted to various heights. He really loves it too.

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