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  1. Your timing of this question…..Last night I called my housekeeper to tell her not to come this morning because I will be at Daddy’s giving him hugs and kisses before he heads out the door to move into an assisted living home. Until/if state restrictions are lifted I won’t be able to touch him again. I am grateful I will be able to see him but with the mask, 6′ space & a clear shower curtain between us, absolutely no touching. To both him and I that will be so difficult and discouraging. I told her I could have her come when I get home but don’t expect I will want anyone around knowing my frame of mind won’t be the best. Her response was refreshing on it’s own! She is not a Christian and hasn’t been open to me sharing much but it must be God has shown Himself through me more than I thought. She told me to make sure to take time to do something for myself, suggesting I do devotions or Bible study saying she knows how much that encourages me! She often catches me at the tail end of my time in The Word so not only does this fill me, God is also showing Himself to her through my time with Him!
    Even though I am truly running on empty in almost every way God is the fuel I need to fill me!

    1. I am a music lover too. When I left Daddy’s last night the first thing I did after starting the car was crank the music to let it envelope me! It helps so much-especially when reading isn’t an option and even forming prayers is impossible!

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