Pray Matters

“Know that when you pray, God hears more than you say, answers more than you ask, and gives more than you imagine in His time and in His way.”

I read that recently in a devotional and it really spoke to me. God loves us so much. He knows exactly what we need. He knows the perfect time to answer our prayers (never too early, never too late) and He always blesses His children more than we deserve. We deserve death and eternal separation from Him. He chose to offer us the free gift of salvation instead. We just have to accept it.

Today’s encouragement is going to be really short. Think about the sentence at the beginning of this email. Then I want to encourage you to have the conversation with God (below), filling in the blank privately between you and Him. And then watch for how He answers. Because He will. In His time. In His way.

God, You know that I need __________ .

Today I am trusting You to be my good Provider.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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