I’m an introvert. Coming out of the pandemic, I’ve, at times, had to force myself back out into the community because I love being at home, surrounded by my family, spending time together. I figured I have text, phone calls, and emails so I’m still connected with others, right?

However, I’ve noticed something. As the restrictions ease and the weather warms up, I love being with my friends instead of just communicating with my friends via my phone.

There is something about a physical hug that an emoji can’t replicate. There is something about hearing the sound of laughter in a group and joining in that isn’t the same as typing LOL or hahahahah in a text.

Community. Living life together. Sharing hurts and brokenness and authenticity and genuine feelings face to face. There’s no hiding the tears when you’re looking at someone. There’s no hiding the acceptance or the fear or the hidden message in the words when you see into someone’s eyes and can hear the shaking of their voice, the pause in their words, or the way their voice lowers when they share their deepest need. And that’s the way we’re meant to live life.

I love the community of friends God has blessed me with. It has grown over the years. Some I know from childhood, some I’ve worked with in the past, some I know from our kids’ schools. Some I know from church or the store or ??? All unique. All beautiful. All choosing to live life together, sharing our hurts, joys, fears, prayer requests, and memories.

Who’s in your community? Have you taken time today to thank God for your tribe? Have you taken the time to get together with your friends, in person, to share life together again?

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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  1. For many of us it can be much more difficult to break out of that staying secluded mold than many recognize. But you’re right, it’s so neat to realize how wonderful it is! The physical touch of a friend or loved one & actually seeing a smile is long overdue for most of us now and as far as I am concerned we need that more than ever.

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