Too much on my plate

Last time I shared how the feeling of being overwhelmed, having too much on my plate isn’t something only I experience. I also shared how I’ve come to the conclusion it doesn’t look good on my spiritually, physically, emotionally, and especially not relationally.

So I took it to the One I knew had the answer for what I needed to give up, what I needed to keep and whether or not this was a season in my life that would come to an end or a lifestyle I needed to seriously adjust.

While I was confident God would answer, it wasn’t in the way I expected. I thought He would show me what I needed to give up and was prepared to do the hard work of getting rid of whatever He said.

Instead of taking a chunk away from me, He showed me if I would give Him control of my schedule every day, He would make it manageable. Sometimes that meant rescheduling meetings, freeing up some time to get the paperwork done that was behind. Other times it was scheduling last minute meetings because they needed to happen for the rest of the work to be checked off. Sometimes it was giving me the chance to push away an hour earlier and other times it was me being obedient to push away to spend time with my family, because work would always be there tomorrow.

The best part was when God was in control of my agenda, my day went better and I was happier. Yes, happier! I started having really good days because they were manageable and not out of control.

He showed me through this answer that I could trust Him in the big things (taking whole activities or work off my plate) and the little things (adjusting my schedule on a daily basis so my days were manageable and enjoyable). I was finding the joy in life again. While giving God control of my agenda didn’t take my problems away (problems are just a part of life on this earth), I was able to focus on God’s promises and get through the problems easier.

If you’re also feeling overwhelmed, have you thought about asking God how He wants to fix the problem? If you invite Him in, I bet He will show you whether or not HE wants to take big things off your plate or adjust them and take little things off on a daily basis. Either way, the answer will be perfect and I’m pretty sure you’ll have peace, and joy too!

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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