Joy in the Littles

Last time we were together I spoke about finding joy in the big things in life – family, work, etc. However, what I’ve truly learned to embrace this past year is recognizing the joy in the little things. Here are some of my littles. Are they similar or very different from yours?

Looking, really looking at the sunrise. Each morning the colors and patterns are different. Realizing there are certain patterns and color schemes I enjoy more than others and being thankful for the variety and the chance to choose what I like best.

The moment to simply sit and read a book. Just because I want to and because I can.

To sit and really watch TV with my family. Instead of multitasking, taking time to listen to their laughter, conversation, the feel of my husband next to me and a puppy (or two) on my other side. To just be present.

Running errands with whoever wants to come along. Making up games to make the time more fun. Stopping for Icee’s or candy because we can, not because we have to.

Praying with my prayer partner. Sharing our life together – joys, sorrows, pain, blessings. Knowing we are joined together in Abba’s family.

Feeling the wind in my hair and the sun on my face.

The smell of rain.

The sound of birds and listening long enough to hear the different species.

The taste of my favorite donut, savoring each bite.

The smell and taste of my favorite flavor of coffee while I wrap my hands around my favorite cup for that day.

The way I feel after moving my body to work out.

Sitting and petting our dog. Seeing the way he turns himself inside out to find the most comfortable spot and then completely relaxing because he knows he’s safe and loved.

Watching both dogs play together at the dog park. That unbridled abandon of running without worry. Playing catch with the family while the dogs “get their energy out.”

Sitting quietly and listening for God to speak something intimate that He wants to communicate with only me. Sometimes waking up early in the morning for those conversations, sometimes having them after everyone leaves before starting my day. © Cheri Swalwell 2021

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