Leah: Unnoticed. Unwanted. Unloved by Amanda Bedzrah Author’s Interview

About the Book

Book: Leah: Unnoticed. Unwanted. Unloved

Author: Amanda Bedzrah

Genre: Bible Fiction

Release date: November, 2020

Lying in bed next to ‘the man of her dreams’, Leah is crippled with fear and unable to sleep. She knows that her husband Jacob is going to wake up to her, not “the woman of his dreams”.

Jacob worked and served Leah’s father Laban for seven years to marry her younger sister Rachel, but on the night of their wedding, the brides were switched; the right man was married to the wrong bride.

As Leah anticipates, his dissatisfaction is not hidden; his rejection is immediate. Seven days later, Jacob marries Rachel after promising to work another seven years for her.

Leah is now left in a place of pain and bitterness. A fearsome war erupts. She is in a battle for her husband’s affection – not with an enemy, but with her own sister!

Will she ever be loved and accepted?

Can God use a woman like Leah: unnoticed, unwanted, and unloved, to change history?

This book is a fictional retelling of one of the greatest Bible stories of all time. It is a story of love, deception, betrayal, competition, heartbreak, and forgiveness. It reminds us that God has a plan and purpose for our lives.

No pain is ever wasted with God!

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About the Author

Amanda Bedzrah is married to Francois and they have three wonderful children. They live in the county of Kent, best known as “The Garden of England” in the United Kingdom.

Amanda is a passionate Bible teacher, an inspirational speaker, a prayer minister, and a senior NHS professional. She is a Law graduate (LLB Hons), she is also certified in Business Analysis Practice and Project Management.


What role does God play in your writing career?

God plays the most important role. Firstly, I believe He is the One who blessed me with the gift of writing and when I write I do it to honor Him. My writing career is dedicated to bringing people closer to Jesus and to help them find Him in their everyday lives.

Without the grace of God, I don’t think that I would have the strength, wisdom and confidence to do what I do.

My go to scripture when I write is Psalm 45:1 (NIV) which says –

My heart is stirred by a noble theme

    as I recite my verses for the king;

    my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer

What kind of fiction do you like writing the most? Why?

I enjoy writing Bible based fiction. I love the Bible and I love Bible fiction. For many, the stories will be familiar. They know the story from the Bible or have heard it, but a novel truly brings it to life. It may answer some of their own questions about the story or make it easier for people to find themselves or their situations or someone they know within the pages of the book, and that sparks something within that helps the reader connect deeply.

The Bible is rich with stories that are relevant to our lives today and I consider it an honour to be able to give life to the characters, and use my imagination in collaboration with the word of God to create a beautiful story that entertains, educates, motivates and inspires but most importantly; encourages people to read the bible for themselves..

Do you write full-time or part-time? How does that influence your writing?

At the moment, I write part time. It is my dream to one day be in a position where I can dedicate my time to writing full time. Writing part time can be difficult as I have a very busy full time career, a husband and three children to look after. This means that I have to be more intentional about writing and plan ahead, it means a lot of sleepless nights and it often means a lot of time away from the family where I can’t be fully present and my kids eat more take out than a home cooked meal. It also means that I often have to sacrifice other things like quality time with friends, watching TV, holidays etc. But when I do take time out to write, I have to be so focused, dedicated and respectful of the limited time I have. Part time writing also means that I cannot write as many books as I have in my heart, so I often have to write the book plots and wait which can be sometimes frustrating as I would love to be able to write 3-4 novels a year, at the moment, I am able to do 1-2 and it is sometimes hard to choose which story to write first, but I have learned to prioritize them in order of God’s direction.

What advice would you give your younger self? Before you started writing?

This is a really good question. Wow, there is so much I would say to my younger self I am not even sure where to begin. The first thing I would advise my younger self is to put God first always and trust in His plan and purpose for her life. Dream big, laugh loud, love hard and don’t change for anyone. Find inner healing, it is so much more important than outwards success. God redeems and restores, allow God to work things out in His own way and learn to forgive easily.

I would also advise my younger self to not allow fear or discouragement to stop her from writing. Write for the love of it and remember that not everybody will enjoy the book but even if only one life is changed, that one life is just as important. I have learned that most times, God will place a book on my heart to write but the person who benefits most of all is me, the writer, so I will tell my younger self that whilst she will write to entertain, educate or inspire others, her first audience is herself. There is so much she will learn from her own books. I would tell my younger self to embrace self love, to ensure that discipline is cultivated and consistency is a priority. Take courage, trust God more and never quit.

What’s one way God speaks to you personally in your daily life? 

God often speak to me through different things daily, even the smallest things. It can be a memory, a song, something in nature, a book, a teaching, a word from someone or just an impression I get on my heart during a time of prayer and worship. But most times, He speaks to me through His word so I try to ensure that I listen to or read my Bible daily as much as I can because each day, God has something different to say.

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  1. I am sure I have read it but never really took note of the author’s go to Bible verse when she writes. How fitting it is!

  2. What a great post on Leah. I love learning about the women of the Bible again—so interesting. I also love how they depended on God to help through the situations.

  3. Thank you for sharing the author’s interview and book details, this sounds like an excellent story and I am looking forward to reading it

  4. I have always thought the story of Jacob’s wives was intriguing. Thank you so much for sharing. God bless you.

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