The Persistent Road by Tim Bishop

About the Book

There’s always an escape. Sometimes you need to search long and hard for the right one.

After losing all he once cherished, Doug Zimmer follows his wife’s parting bread crumbs and rides up the Pacific coast—on a bicycle. Armed with a revolver and only a vague plan to get through the months ahead, he aims to end his depression one way or the other.

As spiritual forces wrangle for his soul, he pedals eastward across America. He meets Lauren Baumgartner—a younger adventurer with a vibrant spirit—and a band of zealots who confront his aversion to religion. Accompanying Doug are not only sunny days and the beauty of nature but also the perils of the road, fellow travelers with their own stories, and the hollow silence of solitary campsites playing host to unseen creatures of the night.

A jarring episode on a climb through a treacherous pass brings Doug face-to-face with life and death. Will Doug’s adventure deliver him from loneliness and lament . . . or hurtle him to an abrupt end?


About the Author

After a thirty-year career in business, Tim Bishop left his corporate treasurer position, married his dream girl, and embarked with her to parts unknown—on bicycles. Ten thousand miles later, the first-time newlyweds have written four books about their cycling adventures. Their devotional Wheels of Wisdom won four first-place book awards. Publishers Weekly dubbed it “a road map for life.”

Tim volunteers as a coach for a ministry that reaches people who are dealing with challenging life issues. In addition to writing inspirational content, he has also penned the business book Hedging Demystified. A graduate of the University of Maine, a CPA, and a three-time Maine chess champion, Tim and his wife, Debbie, live in Middle Tennessee. Connect with him at


Review of The Persistent Road

This is a new author to me. I’m so glad I read this book. While it started out dealing with a topic I try not to read about in books, that theme helped set up the remainder of the book to give it the full flavor that it did. I loved the vivid descriptions the author gave of the scenery and the real life descriptions of what Doug Zimmer went through on his journey to healing. In fact, we were on a vacation with bears while I was reading this book and I used some of the author’s knowledge to help us see the bears close up! There were so many subthemes and levels to this book, in a good way, I’m trying to wrap my head around how to review it accurately. The main story was interesting and held my attention. The subplots were like subtle flavors in a cake, where you take a bite and it helps you savor the entire cake in a way that makes you want to bake this delicious dessert again and again. This book is one that I will think about long after I closed the last page. I will definitely be recommending it to others.

 I was given this book as a complimentary copy but was not required to write a review.

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