Who or what do you not want to pray for?

Last week I asked you if the world, or just your life would look different if God answered all your prayers? The same devotional asked another equally important question: Who or what do you not want to pray for? That’s convicting too. Because it brings glory to God when you push past your feelings toContinue reading “Who or what do you not want to pray for?”

Celebrate Lit Blog Tour for Autumn’s Harmony by Donna Wyland

About the Book Book:  Autumn’s Harmony Author: Donna Wyland Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction Release date: October 20, 2020 For every woman who has ever desired to make sense of her past, find joy in the present, and discover God’s purpose for her future. Anna Bentley needs a new life. Struggling in a long-term marriage with twoContinue reading “Celebrate Lit Blog Tour for Autumn’s Harmony by Donna Wyland”

If God answered all your prayers

If God answered all your prayers…would the world look different, or just your life?  ~ Dave Willis, pastor That was a powerful statement to me. What exactly are the prayers I ask for most of the time? Blessings? God to get rid of my “problems?” Or…for opportunities to share about what it means to haveContinue reading “If God answered all your prayers”

What’s Your Definition?

“My definition of blessing looked like a perfect life where everyone is happy and healthy and has plenty of everything. I thought it meant a reward for a life well lived — sort of a carrot-and-stick philosophy. The carrot included all the protective blessings I thought God promised. The stick was His discipline if IContinue reading “What’s Your Definition?”

There are very few things in life that can’t be fixed.

Middle school can be a tough transition. It is quite the adjustment and there are lots of unanswered questions. Whether it starts in fifth grade for some school districts, or sixth grade for others, it’s still a transition, a big adjustment in itself. No matter which child of ours was entering middle school, there wereContinue reading “There are very few things in life that can’t be fixed.”

Making memories and being intentional about it

I think it’s safe to say this past year we’ve spent more time with our family than we may have in years. Concentrated time together. Has it been difficult for you and your loved ones to be together so much … or has it brought you closer together? Or maybe a combination of both? OrContinue reading “Making memories and being intentional about it”

Blessings Journal or Blessings Jar?

The last few posts we’ve been talking about ways we can stay focused on God’s PROMISES instead of life’s problems. Today I want to talk about focusing on the blessings God gives us in life. He gives blessings to all of us, multiple times a day. Some may be huge; others may be smaller, butContinue reading “Blessings Journal or Blessings Jar?”

Ask God for a Specific Word/Verse for Your Situation

I’m praying blessings over your week today. We’ve been talking for the past several posts about how to focus on God’s Promises instead of life’s problems. Today I want to talk about asking God for a specific verse/word from His Word (the Bible) and how that can help us focus on His Power and miracles.Continue reading “Ask God for a Specific Word/Verse for Your Situation”