I have the best kids ever.

I have the best kids ever.


I am writing this during the last week of school before summer break. For us, this year, it’s an insane week with tons of extra work for me (with my jobs), extra activities and running around (with the kids), paying bills and grocery shopping, extra chores around the house, and getting everyone ready to leave for camp.


Normally this type of a schedule would have me scrambling, stressed, and crabby. It would have everyone scrambling, stressed, and crabby. Not this time.


Instead, I have been marveling at how amazing our kids are. And while they are terrific at the big things, it’s the little things that are catching my attention this week.

Our oldest being willing to mow the whole lawn (which takes a whole day because its three yards total); our youngest being willing to bake brownies for his sister because she isn’t home to do it, and when she comes home she has to study for finals; our middle child helping me figure out technology for an interview I have scheduled for Thursday; pitching in to clean up the kitchen; helping out with the laundry when it isn’t their assigned job; and then helping with the big project our family took on over the weekend that has carried over into the week. All without complaining and choosing to have fun.


Our kids are kind. Our kids are helpful. Our kids are funny. Our kids are fun. I would love them regardless, but today I want to take a few minutes and just let others know how much I appreciate being their mom.


How about your kids? I would love to hear how fantastic they are in the comments – big or little, I bet your kids are as amazing as ours.


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