Rain …

I love the sound of rain. Especially on a hot summer day, knowing it’s going to bring relief to the heat. Knowing the flowers and grass are getting not only a drink of water but the minerals that only come from God’s water, not our garden hose.

I used to hate rain. I especially hated storms because they brought with them the threat of storms – thunderstorms, lightning, or tornadoes.

However, in my 47 years of life, I’ve ridden out quite a few storms: emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual. While storms can be scary (whether they pop up out of nowhere or have been brewing for a while before the deluge finally hits), they can bring a chance for growth.

Spiritual storms bring about a deeper connection when we allow them to draw us closer to our Heavenly Father instead of further away.

Physical storms can be a wakeup call for ways to change our lifestyle and eating habits to live a healthier (and less painful) life.

Financial storms can bring us back to the basics and remind us about what’s really important in this world.

Emotional storms can help us remember our values, morals, and what we need to do to live an authentic life inside our house and out in the community.

I’m not yet at the point where I can say I love going through storms, but I do love the growth that occurs as a result of the crazy weather patterns … and I’m most grateful God never said I had to travel them without Him.

What’s one blessing you remember coming out of a storm you traveled in life?

© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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