Spoken from the Heart: The Adventure Continues

Spoken from the Heart: The Adventure Continues was published only seven months after Spoken from the Heart: Embracing the Adventure.

To say our pastor’s words of “Some people will experience more trials/challenges this year than most” described our family well that year; however, God also showered us with more blessings than we deserved.

I was able to take two trips out to California that summer, within three weeks of each other. The first was to visit my sister and her family who had moved out there the previous summer and the second to help honor my dad as he received national recognition for his faithful service as a police chaplain.

God used those trips to teach me even more about how to fully trust Him, lessons I’m still reaping the benefits from today.

The cover picture for this book is another one my brother-in-law graciously allowed us to use. And after having been out there to visit them that summer, it made both pictures of both books even more special to our family.

The picture for the first book, Spoken from the Heart: Embracing the Adventure, has more greenery in it and the second book cover, Spoken from the Heart: The Adventure Continues, looks hotter, drier, and just makes me tired thinking of traveling that trail. That was purposefully planned because that is how the adventure felt to me at the time.

While God continued to bless us as a family and continued to be there, always, there were extended periods of silence, many days that could only be described as “hard,” and I got tired. Really tired.

I found myself complaining and grumbling more because I wasn’t reaching the “promised land” as fast as I thought I should.

This set of stories shares more of the pruning God had to do in my life in order to learn to trust Him fully. I hope they encourage you if you’re going through a season of adventure in your life too.

Maybe you’re a little like me. It’s easy to be thankful and see the blessings when you think the trial is short. However, the longer it continues, does grumbling and complaining set in? How do you deal with long waits in your life? Please share by hitting reply. I’d love to continue this conversation with you. 



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  1. I am with you on this! I’ve been working on this for the last several years through continual health struggles. The one thing I have learned is to recognize the little things that are positive or the small blessings. I have been trying to pick those things out no matter how seemingly small they may be and really, honestly thank God for them. It has been awesome to realize how much my attitude has changed through this process! It has been a real eye opener for me to see-really see how many, many ways God truly blesses me every day! For me personally I have recognized that yes, I have been through a lot and that hasn’t been something I can see stopping anytime soon. But in all reality what real difference does that make in my eternal life? None! The one thing it DOES mean is that just maybe there is a way God can use these things to show others that He can really make a difference! By truly having my attitude change I have the blessing of seeing the multitude of amazing things He has really affected in such a positive way! Don’t get me wrong, I have plenty of times I spend grumbling, whining and complaining! I just know He helps me pull out of those times more easily each time by helping me to see all of the little blessings along the way! There are times He throws in something that is a larger blessing here and there too. It has been something I have just had to learn to look at in a different way. Yes, my body is falling apart much younger than I have hoped but really what difference does it make what my human body looks/feels like? My spiritual self is what matters and He is helping me to grow that in so many ways! My biggest job is to work on that and remember that is what truly matters. I need to try to remember every day not to stay in the place where I grumble and complain!

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