Learning to Live Unoffendable

I read this phrase a few years ago when it was trending on Facebook … and a few months ago it reappeared.


Living life unoffendable. What does that mean to you?


Walking around pretending you’re okay with everything said and done to you?


Pasting a smile on your face when comments or statements make your blood boil?


Or … choosing to acknowledge what someone did or said upset you and in spite of that initial reaction, making the choice to let it go and think the best of the person instead?

I decided to try that approach this year … and within 24 hours of making that decision, I was given multiple opportunities to try out my new approach.


What was the verdict? I realized there were many blessings as a result of choosing to live that way.


I was more peaceful. When I didn’t spend my time focused on how someone wronged me, but instead had to let it go because that’s what I had previously decided, I was left with peace. My mind wasn’t preoccupied with replaying the offense over and over; instead, if I happened to think about what happened, I stopped because going there again wasn’t an option.


When I chose to not give in to the temptation of focusing on how someone hurt me, I was able to ask for God’s blessing and favor over his or her life. It’s nearly impossible, in my opinion, to ask for God’s blessing in someone’s life if I’m holding on to resentment or anger.


It kept walls from building between me and others. If I’m not letting myself get offended, then there’s no room for anger, resentment, or unforgiveness to creep in.


What does living life unoffendable mean to you? Is that a daily habit you want to try on for size?


© Cheri Swalwell 2020

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