Get free short story with Preorder of Journey Back Home

Jace and Simone are married with four kids. He’s a youth pastor and she’s a second grade teacher. Holly’s his best volunteer. The question isn’t whether or not Jace and Simone are living out their happily ever after. The question is what’s Holly’s motive for hanging around the youth’s pastor’s house?

Get your Pre-Order short story “A Thanksgiving to Forget” w/purchase before November 17th

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  1. Thank you, Debra. I am so excited for people to read A Thanksgiving to Forget! It’s an exclusive preorder of Journey Back Home. I absolutely love Jace and Simone … and getting to share their first Thanksgiving with people to introduce my reader friends to their journey is so exciting to me. I hope you enjoy it too, Debra! Have a wonderful day!

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