Meet Noah – Day 3 of 7 Days of Prizes

Meet Noah, the oldest child of Jace and Simone. He’s entering into his middle school years and his personality takes after his mom. He’s on the introverted side, which means he’d rather not have his picture taken. However, when he’s with people he trusts, his dad’s sense of humor and love of life shines through. Simone relies on his help when Jace is off playing sports or at his many youth group activities. Noah’s is a great big brother to his three younger siblings and loves leveling up on his favorite videogame, Alien Wars, with his best friend Drew. Noah has a sweet tooth that rivals his dad’s and is always up for an ice cream run. His favorite flavor is mint chocolate chip, dependable, yet with a hint of fun.

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10 Replies to “Meet Noah – Day 3 of 7 Days of Prizes”

  1. Noah is a very likeable kid. I am looking forward to seeing him progress through each book! His flavor choice was a favorite with my husband and my Momma.

    1. Noah was one of my favorites too … can’t wait for you to meet Chloe, Logan, and baby Olivia too! You’ll have to let me know which one is your favorite after meeting them all …

  2. Simone (AKA butter pecan) is my favorite ice cream flavor. Jace sounds really good but never had that one yet so Simone stays my favorite.
    Hope I Win

  3. Vanilla is a favorite with one of our kids – it’s a great flavor because you can eat it by itself or dress it up however you want! 🙂 Great choice (should have been on the list)

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