Three Important Things

We’ve been talking about feeling overwhelmed and having too much on our “to do” lists. God showed me one more truth I want to encourage you with today when you find yourself in this season of life.

I realized I can only do so much. And God encouraged me that there are three things He cares about the most: Salvation and sharing that truth with everyone; relationships; and doing a job well.

He reinforced for me that these three things need to be my biggest focus on a daily basis. When I ask Him to adjust my agenda, it allows time and space for the important things to get done and the other things to wait for another day.

When I asked Him what He wanted me to do with my schedule, He didn’t miraculously take things off my plate, this time. And I know I can only do so much in a 24 hour period. My goal is to ask Him every day what His agenda is for my life. I will (try) and hold my schedule loosely. Then, at the end of the day, if I was patient, kind and loving to those God has blessed me with (family, friends and coworkers), if I took time out to share His love with those who need it most, and I worked on my various jobs to the best of my ability, I will consider that day a success.

The best way for me to be patient, loving and kind is to have time to rest and regroup, so that is something I need to make sure and take time for every day (or often throughout the week) as well.

I’ve begun praying one more prayer. For God to take my “not enough” and make it “more than enough.”

What about you? Have you asked God what He wants you to focus on during this busy season in your life? Maybe your season is lighter … the same question applies. What does God want you to focus on in this particular season in your life, and what’s one way you can start doing that today?

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