What Do You Hear?

What’s your favorite sound? I love hearing the sounds of laughter. Genuine laughter between friends and family, sharing life together through moments that allow us to pause, relax, and reconnect.

I love the sounds of nature. Walking in the woods with only the occasional conversation back and forth between loved ones, but mainly the silence filled with birds singing, leaves rustling (they sound like wind chimes), and other creatures from the woods.

I also love music. Music that reminds me how much my Father loves me. Music that reminds me He will fight my battles. I only have to give my fears to Him and watch how He’ll fix my mistakes. Music that reminds me how big and awesome and majestic He is.

I love the sound of my name said on the lips of loved ones. The sound of the familiar. Knowing they can depend on me and I can depend on them. Knowing we have a history, shared moments, shared connections and shared experiences. Knowing that with a tone I can tell if there is a need to be filled, an invitation to join in some fun, or simply something to share.

I love the sound of love. All the above sounds speak love to me. There are others, also, but these are the ones that speak the loudest during this season in my life.

What about you? What sounds speak love to you? And why?

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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