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  1. Yes, I remember that day. I was on the phone with my mother and she started cry, and I started see what was going on TV. It was one of the strangest things that has impacted my life to be thankful for friends and family. Not to take lightly the lives around us we have been blessed with. Now we are faced with new obsticles and hurtles to be challenged with. As I look around with direction I paused to give note, we been given many opportunities to be loving and kind to one another and make the best of the journey together. Thankful for all the lives then, and now who been first out when needed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I will never forget that day! After being shocked to watch everything that went on with the towers I went into the doctor to find out I was pregnant with my son. That’s when I told my doctor I really needed to go back to bed, get up and have the day turn out totally different. All of the tragedy……. My brother-in-law had created the last alarm system for the pentagon and they asked him to come back to redo the new one when rebuilding. That brought a strange feeling even knowing the unlikely chances of anything happening again. Yet each time I thought about that it made me feel kind of guilty with how grateful I was not to know anyone who lost their lives that day.
    Not to sound bad either but being in an abusive marriage, having a preteen who was miserable, and being 39 yrs. old & 475 lbs, I was not exactly healthy and bring another baby into the mix.

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