We Never Know When God Might Use Us

I shared earlier about having a severe reaction to stinging nettle late in the summer. When my doctor found out I was seen in Urgent Care on vacation, she suggested a followup. I finally was able to make the appointment in September, after school began again and we started another new routine.

I got to the doctor that morning and ended up having a wonderful conversation with the nurse. We started out talking about animals, and ended the conversation talking about our families, with me offering to pray for her and her family. I didn’t feel nudged to pray with her right then, but I did feel compelled to offer to pray for her.

My time with the doctor that morning was short. I was healthy, I needed refills, and I was on my way. I wonder, thinking back, if I was supposed to go to the doctor more to have a conversation and encourage the nurse than for my health?

We never know when God will use us to encourage someone else. Maybe simply a smile. Maybe sharing a praise and worship song we love. Maybe a prayer, a small gift, or offering a helping hand.

© Cheri Swalwell 2021

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