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Doesn’t it seem like when two (or more) women get together, gossip inevitably starts? It usually begins with, “Would you all pray for …” and then the “juicy tidbits” spew out.


I think part of doing life with others is being allowed to share one’s feelings freely. How else can we be talked off the ledge when we’re feeling irrational or get encouraged to try a different perspective when ours isn’t working?

I have a few Sisters in Christ relationships where we share (at times) heartbreaking concerns with one another, but we’re very careful not to cross the line from sharing our hearts to gossiping and spreading rumors about another.


Do you know the difference I mean? Gossip is sharing all the details (even unnecessary ones) for the sake of “shock value.” Sharing is venting or pouring out your feelings while being careful how (and how much) you share about the specific situation, careful not to hurt the others involved.


The more I grow closer in my relationship with my Father, the more I want to be that safe person for another. I want people to know with confidence what is said doesn’t leave the room, the phone, the conversation.


What about you? When you get together with friends, are they comfortable confiding in you because they know they can trust you to keep it between the two of you?

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