Hands and Feet …

I’ve had the privilege of working many different jobs in my life: from working in a residential home with troubled children to daycare owner to foster care/adoption worker then back to daycare owner and more.

During one of my years of owning my own daycare, one family went through a season of hardship. The wife was pregnant with their second child and during her last trimester, her husband got into a motorcycle accident. The stress from that incident caused her to go into early labor, resulting in bedrest and eventually the healthy birth of their daughter (thankfully).

My husband and I decided this was the perfect opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their lives. From picking up and dropping off their daughter for them (neither of them could drive for a few weeks) to bringing them dinner and generally being available to help wherever possible, we grew closer to them and hopefully helped ease some of the burden that comes with emergencies.

Little did we know less than a year later, they would be God’s hands and feet for us when I suffered a miscarriage and two months later my husband got incredibly sick, with no diagnosis for over three months.

Do you have people in your lives who have been Jesus’ hands and feet for you during a difficult time? Have you had the opportunity to be His hands and feet for others?

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