Friendship …

Growing up I always seemed to hang out with people older than me. They were either my sister’s friends or kids a few years older in school.


Now that I’ve been married, the pendulum seems to have shifted more toward friendships with people who are younger than myself. It might have something to do with being married later in life and having children widely spaced apart.


I still enjoy friendships with others who are slightly older than me, and I have to admit, I love the variety that comes with friends of all ages and stages.

I glean wisdom and knowledge from each of my friends because even if I’m further along in the parenting journey with older children, I am less skilled at cooking, canning, or raising chickens.


When I have questions about stages of life I’m entering (first child leaving home for college, emotional changes, and dealing with transitions in general), I have other friends who have traveled that path already and are there to offer support and encouragement.


What about you? Do you have friends mainly older, younger or the same age/stage as you? Are your friends available and willing to offer advice, and also listen when you encourage them?


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