Who or what do you not want to pray for?

Last week I asked you if the world, or just your life would look different if God answered all your prayers?

The same devotional asked another equally important question: Who or what do you not want to pray for? That’s convicting too. Because it brings glory to God when you push past your feelings to have His heart for people, hard circumstances, and difficult challenges. When you pray for those who hurt or persecute you and show concern for circumstances that you’d rather not be a part of, you experience the heart of God. And He smiles.

What do your prayers look like?

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One Reply to “Who or what do you not want to pray for?”

  1. I usually don’t pray for the little things but when I remembered He always said, ask and you shall receive. Nothing to little. I’ve prayed to find my credit cards ad keys and He answered my prayers.
    If you ask Him no matter how little it is, you might be surprised how He answers.

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