Meet Holly – Day 7 of 7 Days of Prizes

Today is the last day and I’ve loved having you learn more about the Coopers. Let me introduce you to Holly. Her day job is owner of a successful party planning business, Come to the Table. After working for years to get it up and running, she now has time to volunteer at the church, and picked helping Jace with the youth ministry. Having been in that position for the past two years, she’s gotten very comfortable with the youth pastor. When tragedy happens, Jace and his family learn more about Holly’s past than they had previously realized.

Holly has the gift of hanging with the guys or spending a day at the spa. Her favorite ice cream flavor, coffee toffee fits right in with either choice!

Since integrating herself into their family life, Jace started invited her on family ice creams runs. The more the merrier, right? Or not?

(If you, the reader, want to learn about Holly’s past before Jace, read Adventure’s Invitation here.)

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Thanks for visiting with me and getting to know the Coopers for the last seven days. In case you missed meeting the rest of the family, be sure to stop by and learn about each of them and to enter their specific giveaway!

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  1. Thanks for the fun time getting to know each member of the family! Holly is spot on with flavor choices in my book. Coffee and toffee, how can you go wrong with those??

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