Sorry, I got distracted …

I got a text from my sister a few months back. She was in town for my parents’ 75th birthday celebration. We were getting ready to meet to shop for the party and she said, “Sorry, got distracted,” and went on to finish our conversation. My immediate thought was, “Oh, how nice. It’s a houseContinue reading “Sorry, I got distracted …”

How balanced is your diet lately?

If your daily diet consisted of two pots of coffee, donuts for breakfast, Cheetos and M&Ms for lunch with a 2-liter of pop, and fried chicken, green beans, ice cream, and water for dessert, how do you think you would feel over time? Sluggish? Lazy? Maybe you would even start packing on the pounds andContinue reading “How balanced is your diet lately?”

“Be the person the person you want to be with wants to be with.” Andy Stanley

I was listening to the radio a few months back and heard the above saying. There is a lot of truth packed in between the quotation marks. It got me thinking …   How often when we’re dating do we spend tons of time wondering, considering, and analyzing the person we’re interested in?   WhileContinue reading ““Be the person the person you want to be with wants to be with.” Andy Stanley”


About the Book Book: Focused Backstory Author:  Carol Alwood Genre: Writing nonfiction Release Date: June 18, 2019 Have you ever wondered… How to use backstory correctly? What are the ways other writers successfully incorporate backstory into their work? Do tools exist to help writers better plan stories so the backstory isn’t such a problem? In Focused Backstory: TheContinue reading “CELEBRATE LIT BLOG TOUR: FOCUSED BACKSTORY BY CAROL ALWOOD”